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Model of Care
Our philosophy is that substance abuse is like any other disease; therefore we have an obligation to help the client manage it. This client centered approach will use a comprehensive set of interventions with the strategic support of local health and social service organizations. Together with our strategic partners, we will maintain patient programs to limit the negative impact of HIV on the broader community and to treat those people who have HIV in an effective manner.

Sanctum Model of Care Chart

Sanctum is a newly formed NGO made up of interagency professionals who work directly with populations affected by HIV, addictions, mental health issues, homelessness, and poverty. We are often prevented from providing treatment due to the chaotic lifestyles of the affected population.

Although we have made great strides in the last 2 years, we continue to see that the population group that is most in need of specialized care and treatment is also the population group least likely to access care and treatment. The reason for this is often the intersection of the social, psychosocial and environmental factors of the affected population group.

Sanctum believes that providing a hospice service to this vulnerable population group, gives a location to multiple agencies to provide care and treatment with dignity and in a safe and secure home environment. A hospice has the potential to close the gap between the population group and the service they need.

Sanctum has identified three key services that will be offered directly to clients at our care home.