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Clinical Interventions

Sanctum will use case management and other exitsting services to help HIV/AIDS clients to utilize the services that already exist in the Saskatoon community, while bridging the gaps in this system with our own services.

Sanctum has identified three key services that will be offered directly to clients at our care home:

1. Supportive Care

Clients will be admitted for supportive, sub-acute, or rehabilitative care when they have a CD4 count less than 100 or their level of care does not meet long term care qualifications or they cannot access home care support due to their current housing situation. Supportive care will consist of pain management, symptom control, wound management, home IV therapy, and medication management. Our medical team will be specialized in treating HIV-related illnesses (such as lymphoma, toxoplasmosis, etc.), illnesses related to injection drug use (endocarditis, cellulitis), and comorbidities such as hepatitis C, diabetes, and mental illness. Supportive admissions are generally up to 3 months.

2. Palliative/Hospice Care

Clients with HIV/AIDS requiring end of life care will be admitted as a priority. Palliative care for these clients includes pain control and symptom management. The hospice aspect to Sanctum will allow clients to die in a familiar, supportive and peaceful setting. We will help to provide support to our clients as they make their end of life decisions around their care. We will act as a support for family by providing supportive counseling through the grieving process.

3. Respite Care

There will be one dedicated respite care bed for clients who need to stay up to 14 days while either waiting for appropriate supports in their own home or if they are requiring a temporary short term stay. This bed may also be used for their post-op recovery.